Monday, December 3, 2007

Goldeneye (N64)

Nintendo has created many classic games throughout the late 90s but as soon as Nintendo64 was released, one game changed the first person shooter genre. Goldeneye was the neat first person shooter game that everyone was addicted to. Although it came from a movie that everyone forgot about, it was the type of game N64 gamers needed besides Mario 64.

Goldeneye had many features that resembled the James Bond movie on 1997.While playing this game, you'll will be shooting scads of soldiers, planting explosives, escaping from a train seconds before it explodes, and execute other decidedly Bond-like maneuvers.

Anyone who has played Goldeneye has that sheer joy experience by putting a bullet in some Russian's head with the sniper rifle, from 200 yards which never gets old by the way. The game includes 12 different environments with 3 difficulty levels that make the game so much fun.Goldeneye has outstanding graphics and sound, and contains a certain depth in its gameplay that really entices you to finish it on all three difficulty levels. Th graphics in goldeneye are incredible for this system. Some of the characters mostly look like the ones in the movie. The music is absolutely perfect, and adds a lot of ambience to the game.

Overall, Goldeneye is those type of games that never gets old. Its a fun game that can never be played too long.

Cool Spot! (SNES)

There have been many a shameless plug for products throughout gaming history. In 1990 Virgin Interactive released Cool Spot one of the most worthless. Cool Spot was a 7up creation. I vaguely remember this character outside of this awful game.

The game consists of collection red dots that give you more cool and rescuing the other Cool Spots. The 7ups give you extra life and this all takes place on a beach somewhere.

The enemies are an assortment of sand creature like crabs and other crustations. you must avoid contact with these creature at all costs. This is because you have to offensive capabilities what so ever! You just have to take the punishment like the loser that you are if you are playing Cool Spot. ( myself excluded...of course)

If you get hit your face begins to melt for some odd reason and if it melts too much you are pun intended (well maybe alittle). As corny as that joke was this game takes the cake. What corn ball thought up a freakin spot collecting cool pionts on a beach while avoinding deadly crustation.

Hmmm....lets see continue......No Thank You! I'm gonna go play some other crappy game.

I'm out!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Contra 3 (SNES)

Contra 3

On April 6 1992 the North American gaming public was blessed with this stunning run and gun Legend. Contra 3 was remains to this day is widley accepted as one of the greatest games in this genre.

The game takes place in 2636.Bill Rizer and Lance Bean are caled in to fight an alien invasion. How bad ass are they that there is an alien invasion and all the world needs is these two dudes. Its like the entire human race saw the big bad aliens landing and said 'aint nothis Bill and Lance can't take care off.'

There are several reasons why this game is awsome one of which is the game modes. I'm just gonna make this clear right now the only way to play Contra 3 is Co-op. There is nothin like laying a serious beat down on on aliens with your buddy. That being said here are the features that make me swoon.


On Bike assult!

All of that aside the best part of this game is the weapons! There is a whole arsenal of tools to deliver just the right amount fo destruction. So im gonna narrow it down to the top three in my opinion. Here it goes.

#1: The Spread Gun!!!!

This is the best. If you ave ever played Contra then you know that there are enemies coming from every direction and the wondeful toy will cover about a third of the entire screen. Plus it doesn't blow up with you in it!

#2: The Tank!

The tank is awsome it punishes all that is unfortunate enough to fall in its path. Not to mention its huge. It takes up most of the screen, the bad part is that it blows up... and that is a little annoying!

#3 The Homing Missles!

What better way to deliver pain than a homing missles. these babies will hit things that you didn't even notice were there. the only problem is that sometimes you would like them to hit the things right in your face first, which doen't always happen.

Well Good Old Gamers there you have it Contra 3 will remain in the hearts of millions for some time now. Thanks for tuning in and keep on gaming!

Damn That Dog!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Duke Nukem 3D

Hello all. Once again with another post for you good old gamers, this time targeting a PC game made by 3D Realms. The game is Duke Nukem 3D, a somewhat breakthrough in that the game was in a way 3-dimensional. To you that have played you know what I am talking about, it is a funny attempt at 3D when it came to walking around monsters in that when you did it, you would see the same front part of the monster in the whole 360 degree movement. It was almost like the monster was 2D but nevertheless the environment was 3D. The environment was also different from Doom in that most of it took place in the city, with theatres, restaurants, grocery stores, etc, adding to a more realistic like feel.

As you can see from the screen to the left, the game was comical in that cops were dressed up as pigs and the main story line was based on saving girls from evil aliens. There was a whole new set of new things to do, as compared to Doom. The whole maps of the game where you play at, had hidden areas where you could camp around and give the element of surprise to your enemies. There were also a large variety of weapons including a rocket launcher, and a grenade that you could detonate when you wanted.

Back in the day to play you had to execute the game through DOS, which I am not too familiar with anymore today, but back then I had no idea how I accessed the paths to play and retrieve an IP address so later my brother could connect via another area and play in the same map as me against each other. Sometimes we would take turns playing in my dad’s repair shop with all the lights off, and with the other in the house.

(Duke Nukem 3D Logo to the right)I was a fan of placing pipe bombs in certain areas and hiding in some vent waiting for my bro to pass by only to blow him up. This game even had a jetpack that you could strap on to yourself and fly for a limited time, adding to all the fun it already had. Of course you could get blown up in the sky by a rocket launcher and see all your guts fall down to the floor, which happened to me many times.

Overall Duke is the man, and single player is equally as fun as multiplayer. There were many maps to go through and many girls to save. This game also got some controversy in that it was connected to prostitutes since many times in the game you would encounter slaved up women or strippers and you had the ability to hand out money to the strippers in order for them to flash and so on. The things I played at such a young age, lol.

Here is a youtube video of a guy beating the whole episode 1 as fast as possible, it is low quality but just so you guys see what the game is about.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hi once again to all you good old gamers. If you have any screenshots or comments on the previous Mario brothers series, please don’t hesitate to post them. I am Chris and I will discuss good old PC games. Unlike consoles, PC games that were not just a ball and a stick or simple 2D third person types, came out after the first Nintendo. One of the most first and most notable popular PC games of the time was Doom.

Released in 1993 by developer ID software, I am sure that all of you who ever played on a computer back in the day encountered this game. It is the second most popular first-person shooter of the era, right behind Wolfenstein 3D which was released in 1992 for DOS (never had a chance to play it). The point of the game is to make it to the exit in a given level (map) and kill all the monsters that you encounter. It’s kind of like Mario bros but more violent in that there is some blood and you are shooting from the POV of the character.

I clearly remember playing this game around 1995-96 in my dad’s TV/VCR repair shop on a 60mhz 8mb ram computer, constantly trying to get through each map only to get frustrated by the constant bombardment of monsters and obstacles that prevented you from getting from one side to the other. Since I was young, playing Doom was sometimes a little frightening in that it felt so real and I was always so concentrated. Unlike Mario Bros, this game could send shivers down a young kid’s back playing at night in the dark. Of course compared to today’s FPS games, this game is a joke but it pioneered the FPS genre. A movie was even made shortly after the release of Doom 3, staring "The Rock” from WWE.
Here is a little flash game of Doom that I found that gives you an idea of how this game was back in the day, with the same kind of monsters, guns, and maps, although it has a different menu layout as you can see from above.
Next Post I will get into Duke Nukem 3D, until next time, Chris

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hello Good Old Gamers for the first post on Good Old Games I felt that it would only be right to take a Look back at the game that started a lifelong Love for Games via video. Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System hit stores in the U.S. in June 1986.

Mario Brothers was th
e game that launched an Empire and it's not hard to see why. Even 21 years later it is ridiculously addicting. It's easy to play and is just hard enough to keep you entertained for a long time, and it has those moments when you screamm at the screen "why didn't you jump over that *@$%^%! turtle" or " there is no way to kill that damn hammer bro!"

Another thing that makes this game totally awsome is all the little secrets. You can dive down a tunnel and find vast treasure and when you come out you have already passed a large chunk of the stage or you can find a hidden vine you can shimy up and be treated to a pleasant ride while trying to collect a wealth of coins that are sure to pad that ever so crucial score. Not to mention the goodies you can find in those invisible boxes. With perfect difficulty classic music and hidden goodies what else do you need. It helps make a hero when you have enemies that you love to hate. So here are my top three:

#1. Bowser

Bowser is the ultimate Bully. Not only does he kidnap Mario's girl ( which is reason enough to get a foot in your @$$), but he gets all of his crew to mess with him the whole way, and has the audacity to laugh in his face. This is why bowser is the dude that you most love to hate.

#2. Hammer Bro

Hammer Bro is possible the most frustrating enemy in this game. This is because every time you think its ok to jump over him you couldn't be more wrong!!!! I spent an eternity standing one centimeter away from this guy staring at him waiting for an opening with no luck. Just forget about it you better get that mushroom hidden in the last box on the top row of blocks. If not your dead. I guarantee you will get cracked in the skull with a Hammer! And don't even try to kill this dude you'd

have better luck trying to lick your own elbow while creating a perpetual motion machine.

#3. The Dude in the cloud that likes to drop things on my Freakin head!

Yeah I know his name is not the Dude in the cloud dropping that likes to drop thing on my Freakin head! The truth is I don't know and I don't care! He is just plain annoying! This dudes life purpose is to mess with my head. He just sits there and comes up with the worst placement for these spiky things that you cannot kill without a shell or a flower. The kicker is that he is loving every minute of it. It looks like he is so content with himself, that smug.....anyhow he's number three.

Well Thats it for now my Good Old Friends. thanks for joining me in this look back at this Classic of Classics. Don't forget to tell me about your favorite Mario Brothers (NES) moments and your high scores Just Take a picture of the screen with your high score and send me an e-mail with it and your preferred user name. Thanks Guy's and Keep playing those God Old Games!

Your's Truly,